Odyssey Stratos/Ayre V3/or CJ MV-55

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on my 1st upgrade to a better amp...my pre amp is a Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid with Paradigm Studio 40's and Camelot CD player. I have left the option open for either tube or solid state design and have budget up to $1,200.00, any advice is deeply appreciated.-Thanks
There was a review done in Stereophile comparing the Ayre V-3 w/o upgrades to the CJ MV-55. Go to the Stereophile Website to check it out. It may give you a start to finding the right amp for your rig.
Just for your information, the Stratos is a great amp but does have an input impedence of 10 kohm. You'll want to make sure your preamp has <1000 ohm output impedence.