Odyssey Stratos

Have anybody had experience in direct comparison between Odyssey Stratos and some highly regarded integrated amps, particularly Creek 5350SE, Musical Fidelity A3, Simaudio Moon I-5, Plinius 8100/8150i, Bryston B-60. I'm interested in impression from the direct AB comparision of sound character and sound quality. Also, one of the comments for Stratos at audioreview.com mentioned that it cause a low level noise can be heard if you get close to speakers. Does there anybody else have comments on background noise either from amp itself or speakers? From the reviews I read, seems like Odyssey is very good communicating with customers. I sent a e-mail to them three or four days ago and haven't got any feedback yet.
I have compared the Odyssey with the Bryston 3B and 4B but not any integrated amps. My opinion is that the Odyssey is in the same class of build and sound quality as the Bryston at much less cost. The Stratos trademark is extreme clarity with perhaps a slight bias toward a cool, dark sound.

In regards to your other question, I have relatively sensitive speakers (91db) and there is not a noise problem in my system. The Odyssey is silent.

I have found that the best way to communicate with Klaus is by phoning him direct. They are a small operation and are very busy. I have also sent some E-mails that have gone unanswered.

I have been very satisfied with my purchase. Given there 10 day no quesions asked trial, why don't you see for yourself.
I second that! The Odyssey amp is nice in my system. Good luck!
Definitely call Klaus on the phone - he is very busy but always answers the calls. I have gotten email from him at 3am which shows how busy he is. As for the Stratos, I recently went from a Primare A10 to the Stratos and the difference is huge. I hear no "background noise". Feel free to email with questions.
My Stratos is dead quiet also. No problems, and great
sound! The above posts are right, Klaus is a busy guy.
He won't answer my e-mails, but he called me at home one
night at 9:30 PM to discuss his Tempest pre-amp! I've been
waiting to read some reviews on this pre-amp, but I guess
there's not enough of them out there yet. The Stratos
is five stars all the way!
There was a recent review of the Stratos Odyssey (vs. a Rotel model (1095?) and a B&K) in one of the spring issues of TAS. I was reading it again last week, and the Odyssey got very favorable comments from the reviewer.
sibelius, i'm curious as to what yure doin' re: biamping vs monoblocs. i can undersand why ya dint respond in the *other* thread - perhaps ewe can respond here...

thanks, doug s.


I am currently on the waiting list for Monoblocks. It was basically a coin flip between the Mono's and Biamping. In the end, I decided I was going to try the "minimalist" approach. I have the type of personality where if I get going along the tweaking path (Biamps, active X-overs upgraded Caps, etc..) I'll never be satisfied and become a bit too obsessed with 1% improvements.

Thanks for all your input though.
sibelius, thanks for the update. while i can't blame yer unwillingness to get into the tweekiness, i feel that even if ya did *no* x-over mods, wertical bi-amping would be at least as much of an improvement over bi-wired monoblocs as the monoblocs will be over the single stereo amp. this, of course assumes ewe have enuff power, which ewe seem to indicate ewe do, even w/the one stereo amp. in any event, i wish ewe the best of luck w/yer monoblocs. keep us posted on how they do w/the newforms.