odyssey quality amp????

is it all true ,im thinking of purchaseing one.thank you
Yes. The Odyssey is a very high quality amp! The build quality is very impressive (especially for the price), and if you saw it in a retail store you would expect the price to range from $2500-$4000. However, it's greatest strength is its ability to reproduce the musical experience. Instead of sounding like music being reproduced.Highly recommended!!!
I heard one today at the New York Hi-Fi show. I almost enjoyed Klaus as much as I enjoyed his listening room. I picked up the amp and it was very heavy and the insides were clean and orderly as well. The sound was crystal clear but also smooth with no grain at all. I heard it with the Odyssey Pre amp as well and they both sounded wonderful. I would purchase one but I'm still quite happy with my current amp.
Heard the whole system at the HIFI yesterday. I'd really like to sell my sytem and buy the Odyssey AMP PREAMP & Speakers- Still feeling overwhelmed by the sound & the price. I'd really have to look more carefully to see the quality- Can't imagine how they do it for the price ???
Yes, I have been very pleasantly suprised with the Odyssey. It is everything people have said. It is extremely well built and highly musical at a great value. I will probably be ordering another one next week. Do not get caught in the marketing hype of always equating more $'s with higher quality/better fidelity etc. There are great buys out there if you do your homework.

As an aside, the last three audio products I have purchased have been factory direct over the web and not through a dealer. They have been the Odyssey, Morrison ELAD and Newform Research R645's (hope to get the R645's in the next week). While I had been somewhat sceptical of all the glowing reviews, I can now say that they are legit. People are taking time out of there day to write good things about these products because,I believe, they are very happy with their purchases and they want these vendors (who have been very customer conscientious) to succeed. I do not think there is any underhandedness going on.

I think you can feel very confident about any potential purchase.

Finally, a sure fire wire of telling if these products are "any good" is by looking at the quantity available for Sale. From what I can tell, there are relatively few Odysseys, Elad's and Newform products for sale. And when they are, they generally get snapped up pretty quickly at a very high resale value. On the other hand, I see alot of prominent names (or should I say prominently marketed names) for Sale at steep discounts to list price.