Numbskull Headphone Tweak

Today on the bus ride home there was a punk kid that had is Skullcandy headphones cranked up for the entire bus to hear. I was entertainted that he was listening to his on-ear headphones through is knit stocking cap. Hopefully, it will at least save him from some hearing damage.
Maybe they should change the name of the headphones to 'Numbskull Candy.'
I found it!! The kid was trying to reduce silibance. I've read placing a thin layer of felt over the drivers helps to reduce sibilance. But he will be sacrificing some clarity. ;)

I can't stand people like that on public transportation. Blasting the music so loud that everyone can hear it and is being disturbed. Good luck in telling them to turn it down. Whenever I take the train and a person is blasting music really loud on their earphones everybody just deals with it. Years ago if someone politely asked you to turn it down it wasn't a problem. Now if you politely ask it is almost a fight.
Obviously he is not one for social interaction. A lot of younger generation folks today are totally engaged in their headsets, blackberries, PCs, facebook, You Tube, etc.,etc. leaving little room for any meaningful face-to-face interaction with those around them. This, in turn, leads (IMO) to rudeness - something the older generations tended to be more cognizant of. No, I'm not Dr. Phil in case you were wondering!
It doesn't take a doctor to diagnose the "losers" of the next generation.