Nottingham Spacedeck or Pro-ject 9.1?

Nottingham Spacedeck or Pro-ject 9.1? Which one is the bigger bang for the buck. Has anyone ever compared the two? Whats your opinion? Which one is better then the other and why?
I would compare the nottingham to the Pro-ject 10.1. I have heard both and own the spacedeck. I am biased and do prefer the nottingham but the 10.1 is very nice, it has a nicer base but I did upgrade my Spacedeck with a custom base from Silent Running audio which is was a very nice upgrade.
Thanks for the responding to my question. I'm not concerned about the base the TT sits on more then I am about the sound.
The point of Davt's response is that the base either turntable sits on HUGELY effects the sound, which is why hey suggests the Pro-ject 10.1 for comparison.

I like the Spacedeck better too, but with the caveat that I have not heard the 9.1 sitting on an isolation platform.

Most tables that don't have an integrated suspension system are hugely improved with an isolation platform such as a Gingko.

good luck.
Macdadtexas, thank you for your responce. I'm not concerned about the base that comes with the Spacedeck as I already have a nice maple plank for it to sit on. I will experiment with the combination if I get one. I already have a Pro-ject 9.1 and want to know if anyone compared the two side by side .