Nottingham service & arm setup

Picked up a Hyperspace w/ Anna arm recently, arm had aftermarket wiring done by previous owner which I did not like. Called ASL and sent the arm to England to re-wire, arm came back with brand new wiring for less than $300.

If that's not enough shock to a typical audiophile, Nottingham also replaced the bearing & polished the arm for me free of charge! Talked about customer service at it's best, kudo to Nottingham for the superb service!

Now my setup question.

I have used VPI & Graham, both allow user to adjust azimuth. I noticed the sound to come slightly off center with my Hyperspace/Anna/Denon 103R, is there any way to adjust azimuth or my only option is to tweak anti-skate until the sound is centered again?

Also, has anyone experimented with string instead of belt? I tried some nylon strings, it did not have enough traction and speed was slow regardless how much tension I exerted on the string and I did not want to put excessive wear on the motor bearing.
I believe the headshell is now a friction fit ont he NA tonearms and that azimuth can be changed by twisting the headshell.
If it is friction fit, it's got to be very tight because I could not rotate it w/o using too much force. Adjusting azimuth will be difficult if that's my only option.
I believe this is a 'unipiviot' design and you do NOT have a provision for adjusting azimuth in this type of design. Just a WAG. Why not ask Nottingham to be sure.
Nottingham claimed their unipivot did not have the usual drawback of other unipivot and does not wobble, however they did not mention how to adjust azimuth.

Even with slightly off-centered image, it's sounding very sweet AND dynamic.
Semi, It is inherent in the design, you just can't adjust the azimuth, and that is why Nottingham didn't mention it. FWIW you can dick around with anti-skate a bit and that might help and you could always try maxing out on the cartridges VTF range and see if that helps at all. And, although I'm sure you've already done so, make sure your TT is absolutely level. If not that could pull the arm sideways just enuf to effect balance.

Hope that helps a bit. BTW, nice TT combo. I like the Nottingham TT design a lot.
I may be corrected. My understanding is the new Ace-Anna arm has the feature to adjust by twisting the headshell. The older Anna arm does not.

As an aside. The forum at Pink fish media is the place to go for questions regarding Nottingham. There are many enthusiastic owners who will answer questions.
Motnic, thanks for the pointer. My arm is the older Anna and that will explain why the headshell will not turn.

I haven't had a chance to play with more anti-skate yet, I think I can center the image a little more with anti-skate but not sure if I can get it perfect.