Nottingham Owners: Motor Question

Just wondering if you guys leave the power of the motor "ON" all the time? I'm just thinking if leaving it constantly powered on will degrade the motor with all the vibration taking place. Any advice and thoughts on this? Thanks.
It's meant to be left on all the time. I never gave it any further thought. After 6-7 years it has not harmed the motor one bit, using a Walker Audio PMC.
Agree, mine has 3 plus years and no problems, it's designed to be powered up 24/7.........Happy Listening!
It is a very unusual motor design. Normally, you would be correct but in this case, it is designed to be on all the time, as the others have said.

Thanks for the response. I do travel 50% of the time. So, wouldn't "switching off" the motor be a better option for me? That said, apart from the tube pre and power amps, I do leave the other components on standby mode all the time. For the Nottingham, plugging and unplugging the power cords can be a bit of a hassle and quite a task considering the tight fit of the Oyaide plug!