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Hello all,
I’ve got a Sangean WFT-1 for internet radio. It’s pretty low tech and I’m thinking about upgrading to the Teac NT-505. I’ll need ethernet and one solution I’ve found is the Trendnet powerline 1300.
Will this work? Are there better options? Thanks
You could take this opportunity to upgrade your network to a mesh system. If you did, you could use one of the mesh routers to run ethernet to your streamer. If you have a decent router that doesn't need replacing, you could set an older router into bridge mode, to communicate over wifi with your main router. Same thing there--run ethernet from the bridge to the streamer. 
Thanks, that helps.  I'm so behind on the digital learning curve.  
When choosing a new router/mesh system, your primary considerations will be (1) how many users your network will support, (2) what kind of speeds you want, and (3) how many sq ft your mesh system will cover. 

If you're looking for something simple to setup and maintain, I recommend Google Wifi--Google's mesh system. You can buy the pucks individually, or in packs of 2 or 3. In today's world, consumer grade software is the main issue for the average user. The user interfaces of other router companies have gotten better, but current Google software is Apple quality. 

If you need to support 5+ users or want speeds over 400 Mbps, the Netgear Orbi is considered the best mesh system money can buy.

In neither of those cases will you have to deal with early adopter bugs. I just upgraded my network with a Netgear Wifi 6 router. There are two emerging standards in home wifi--mesh systems and wifi 6. I figured my home was small enough that I would forgo a mesh system and go with a Netgear Wifi 6 router. I'm an early adopter type, but I have had too many bugs to deal with. I'm upset about paying early adopter prices for the privilege of helping Netgear work out its bugs. As a result, Netgear as a brand is suspect in my eyes. I wish I had gone with a mesh system like all the reviewers recommended. 
I'm using for the last 6 months an eero it has been flawless!
Sorry, I should have been more specific. Wifi I’ve got. I’m looking for a way to extend a direct RJ-45 ethernet connection from the router. After more research I did order the Trendnet. I discovered that my Sangean actually has a direct RJ-45 input(!) so I’m going to give it a try.