North Creek Music Xovers

I would appreciate any insights regarding use of North Creek Music replacement crossovers with B&W speakers.
I use them with B&W 801 III and Krell system, and I can never go back to stock Xovers. Granted the Matrix are great out of the box, but the weak link is the Xover. They become more musical, much quicker and cleaner. I heard the 802 Nautulis and am keeping my 801 III with North Creek Xovers. I hope this helps you, and feel free to contact me.
Besides being a jaded audiophile, I'm also an avid speaker hobbyist/designer. The air core inductors North Creek sells are the very best, esp. the 8 AWG ones. I don't own B&W speakers, but the difference these coils have made in my designs is BEWILDERING!!
I'm using a pair for my 802's. The 801 version has four boxes. They will definately improve your speakers. They can be hardwired or can be conncected with spades.