Norsost Thor vs. Running Springs Dmitri

Has anybody compared these two power line conditioners. I have the Thor and was interested to hear thoughts on comparisions to the Running Spring Dmitri. Regards,
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The Nordost Thor is more of a power distribution system (with level 1 quantum) where the running springs is a conditioner.

That being said I have no experience with the running springs line. There are plenty of very positive reviews.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. BR, Jon
FWIW, I preferred the Running Springs over the Thor on my main system (Audio only) but preferred the Thor for the video system. The Thor on video is hard to beat, too sterile for the main rig. Good luck.
Thanks...I would be using for Audio only. Was there a significant would you characterise the difference. What power cords are you using. Mnay thanks.
Any other experiences between these two devices most welcome.