non-magnetic screwdriver for cart. installation

Just a quick question, since I'll be doing my first standard-mount cartridge installation in the next few days:

All the instructions I've seen mention the need for a "non-magnetic screwdriver." Does this mean I should avoid those screwdrivers that use magnets to hold replaceable bits in the handle, or should I avoid all metal screwdrivers and get one of those fiberglas tools from Radio Shack? Or maybe an aluminum jeweler's screwdriver?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, and thanks in advance for any advice. I'm just putting in a cheap Grado (mostly for practice), but would rather not damage even $60 worth of cartridge!


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You can just use a stainless steel screwdriver that will work just fine. It won't hurt the cartridge, it only makes it so that the screwdriver isn't pulled off the screw toward the magnets in the cartridge when you are tightening it up. If you can control the screwdriver easily enough, then you can use any screwdriver you want.