Non-functioning Tweeter.

I just bought a pair of pretty neat Cerwin-vega speakers off craigslist, got them home, plugged them in, and after not too long, realized one of the tweeters wasn't making any sound whatsoever.

I checked the connection to the tweeter... fine.

I realize tweeters are more or less impossible to repair themselves, but is it worth opening up the speaker to make sure the other end of the connection is ok? Any other suggestions? I'd rather not take these back (it was a pretty sweet deal), but I will if I need to.
Could be the xover, cabling or the tweeter.

Check list:

1/Connect the speaker to the cable of the speaker that works just to make sure the problems is coming from the speaker (you may have already done this)

2/Open the part of the speaker that enables access to the xover, connect the speaker cable to the tweeter wires (bypassing the xover)and put the volume up a little

3/If the tweeter does not work then take the tweeter out and connect the speaker cables to the tweeter.

You've go the picture.

You can probably source the tweeter for a moderate price. For the xover it could only be one component (they are cheap) but you would have to know how to check & repair.

Look on the back of the tweeter and get the model number off it. Go to google and ebay and search for your model tweeter. You can also search for the model CV you have too and you may get a hit there too. Hopefully, you will find someone that has some tweeters for it. There are dealers out there that may have some in stock too. Call around and see who has one.
If the speakers were in good physical condition when you bought them then the insides is most likely good. But I always open every piece of gear I get and take pictures of the insides for my information gathering.

Good Luck! Enjoy!
These are CV's, tweeters are worth about 50 cents. Find the impedance and efficiency and buy a pair from partsexpress for $3 each.
Wait, how do I find tweeters that fit the routing? Isn't that the most important thing?