Non Analytical Sounding DAC Upgrade- Budget $1,500 or less

After upgrading my speakers and turntable over the last 3 years it's time to get rid of my nearly 7-year old Beresford DAC. I originally started with a budget of $750 or less, but after researching possible options it seems like $1,500 might be more realistic. This will be in my dedicated 2 channel system. 80% listening through speakers and the rest through headphones. Analog is about 50% of listening, the 50% that is digital is mostly standard res streaming (via Roon/Tidal) or physical CD (using Oppo player as transport) with some higher res stuff tossed in. Music is mostly classic rock, prog, jazz, classical.

Downstream is NAD326 Integrated and Tekton Enzo XL speakers. I'll probably upgrade the amp in the next year. The speakers are long-term keepers.

I want something that gives a nice detailed sound-stage. Being a fan of good vinyl playback I'm not looking for an overly analytical sound. Because of that it seems like a R2R dac might be a better fit. I know there's lots of choices so hoping you can help to narrow the list down to a manageable number. Here's what's on the list so far:

  1. MHDT Orchid or Pagoda
  2. Denafrips Ares 2
  3. Musical Paradise MP-D2
  4. Soekris dac1541
I'm definitely open to other suggestions.

Thanks in advance!
Yea, Chord Qutest new slightly over your budget...  Good luck finding a used one...  Not analytical...  Clean, crisp, concise, musical...
Audio-gd R8 DAC with FPGA programable. 
Very neutral with plenty of detail and big soundstage. 
I purchased the Schiit Gungnir MB about six months ago. I've been very impressed so far.
Chord Qutest incredible value; according to the designer Rob Watts, they selected the best power supply for the overall low noise design; stick with the stock supply and you can’t go wrong.
Immensely musical for the price of admission.

I have following DACs at moment between work and two home systems:
benchmark 2
chord mojo
chord 2qute
border patrol 

The Border Patrol and Benchmark exist on opposite ends of the “precise you can see into everything” - to - “non fatiguing and organic” spectrum, but I appreciate both.  The 2qute strikes a great balance, and hence is in main system, but I’d never call it fatiguing.

Given how cheap the mojo is (I’d call it the best deal in this entire hobby), could start there and save some coin, and if you like the sound but want even better: Qutest or used 2qute. If you want even more “organic” you can then try something else suggested previously in thread (or Border Patrol, which is highly recommend and is my go to in my 2nd system). You won’t lose very much money reselling the mojo, that I’m sure of.