Noisy amps. preamp? AES / Cary

I just purchased AES / Cary Sixpac and the AE-3 DJH preamp. In short, incrediable sounding! I also just ran a dedicated line that both sixpacs are running off. I am hearing noise when using the remote control of the preamp. I also hear noise when using my TV's remote when there is no music playing. Also, I hear a slight pop when I turn the light on in my listening area. Any ideas what the casue is? Thanks.
Noise while using the provided remote control-normal. Your other complaints seem to suggest that you have some RF sensitivity problems and/or that your "dedicated line" is not sufficiently isolated. I have been in this hobby for many years and am still aggravated that even the most expensive brands cheap out on basic good engineering practice. The bad news is that if you want really excellent sound you must either learn to fix/modify this stuff yourself, or make friends with someone who can. Since you seem to like tubes I suggest that you start with a copy of "Valve Amplifiers" by Morgan Jones-available from Antique radio supply 1-800-428-7267. This one book will not be enough to make you a Mr. fix-it, but it will allow you to have a productive conversation with someone who is.
Good luck and welcome to the hobby!
Samujohn, thanks for the reply. Do you think that my dedicated line needs time to "break in"? Could this be a cause of any problems?
No youre dedicated line doesn't need to break in. Maybe the wire wasn't cryo treated?
Need to know more about your service panel. How you went about the installation. What other devices are being fed, etc.etc..etc...
The dedicated has its own circuit breaker. It was fed through the attic, down the wall and a hospital grade outlet was installed. Only my two mono bloc tube amps are on it. A professional did the work. The wire is not cryo treated.
I would think that the issue is that your preamp is not on the dedicated circuit. What circuit is it sharing ? I found that my pre and amps need to be on the same dedicated circuit.
I was joking about the cryo part. A professional? He may know how to run the wire safely, but he doesn't know squat about audio needs.