NHT X1 and X2

I have the U2 sub with along with seven M5s for the HT set up. The X1 cross-over supported by 2 of the A1 mono-amps. NHT manual states that the X1 to be used with the Evolution lines while the X2 for non-Evolution lines. I have check both the X1 and X2 spec, they are identical except for the X2 logo on the unit. All the features and spec are the same on the X1 and X2. Can somebody tell me what if I use the X1 to set up with the Classic line?
Hi Andrew,

The X1 filter has an EQ circuit designed for the U1 and U2 subs. The X2 does not have this circuit.
Hi Bob, good to hear from you again. I am back. Somehow the HT bug got me while I tried to get out of the audio hobby. I guess I would need to buy the X2 for my Classic line speakers and leave my x1 alone with the M5s. Thanks again, Bob.

Since this is HT, why do you need an external crossover at all? Why not use what's provided in the receiver or pre/pro?
The W2 subs are the passive ones and the X1 is a part of the U2 package deal for the Evolution lines. I am planning to use the pre-out from the processor to the input of the X1 then from the hi-pass output L/R of the X1 loop back to the multi-channel amp and the sub-output L/R of the X1 to the each channel of two of the A1 amps . The X1 crosser set at 80hz. I guess the connections are too cumbersome but according to NHT that will give the M5s and the W2s the best blend-in. Also, the sub-out from the processor is connected to the X1's LFE in. Would you recommend any other better way to simplify my connections. You are right though. I probably do not even need the X1 if I use the sub-out from my processcor. Well, shed me some light here, I am getting dumb and dumber with my age.
I was thinking that you'd set the fronts and surrounds to "small" which typically inserts an 80 Hz high pass filter and indicate that you have a sub which will enable a summed mono 80 Hz low passed LFE signal. You would still use the the A1 amps, of course, but you'd need to split the LFE signal to go to both. That might be a simpler connection scheme.

An advantage of the X1 & X2 is that they support two subs. In fact, I think they'll take and LFE input. So you could run the LFE out from your pre/pro to the LFE input on the X1 and then out from the X1 to the A1 amps. But, you'd let the pre/pro generate the high-pass signal for the other channels.

I tell you NHT has a real winner in the X1 & X2 crossovers.