NHT Sub Two Owners

At their closeout prices these subs seem like a steal for music. However, I haven't been able to actually hear them, so I'd like help from owners. 1) Do the units have any hum/hiss when the amp is active and no music is playing? If so, about how loud? 2)How difficult have you found to place themin your room for good response and speed? If you can compare to Paradigm Servo-15, REL Strata or Vandersteens it would be most helpful.
I have a SubOne, FWIW, and it is quiet as the tomb. It does bump on turn on, but I leave in on in standby, so it doesn't even do that. I have it in the front left corner, beyond my left main, and it is truly seamless (crossed over at about 10hz below the -3dB point of my mains). A very high value purchase even at full MSRP. I got my SubOne on a close out for about half, and it is ridiculously good for the money I paid. If you have a good deal on a SubTwo, I doubt you can do better at anywhere near the price.
I have the NHT sub2i. Got it on closeout for 50% off. No hum whatoever. It fits into my system well, better for music but adequate for home theater. Wish I had bought two for a stereo pair. The sub is tall and narrow and is easy to place. I prefer the NHT as compared to the infinity HPS 1000 for music, just sounds better.
I have a sub two in an ARC tube system with Proac speakers . Its a great sub, powerful, clean, smooth sound and is seamless if you don't turn it up too high . It is a very powerful sub. Totally silent except for turn on thump. Very heavy get help to position it. Best of all the rack mounted controls are very handy ! The stereo option for two is great too.
i have 2 NHT sub 2's in my home theater room. I really like them, especially for HT. I have not experienced any problems with them for almost 3 years now. I like the external crossover unit with the DIN cables going to each sub. It was very easy to set up the subs with my main speakers using the external crossover. I was thinking about purchasing a single sub 2i for my audio room, but liked the REL Strata better for audio (it was also twice the price of the NHT).
Emom, where can you get the close-outs? Is this at any NHT dealer?
Thanks to all of you for your emails and comments on this site. I took the plunge and bought two Sub Two's. I set them up Friday and am very impressed. In fact, I originally set them up to simply complement my 802's, but I'm now operating them with the 802's crossed over at 50hz. I will take a week or two to evaluate them in this mode, but my initial impression is favorable. The effect of adding the Sub Two's to supplement the 802's was clearly noticeable in the tight bass extension, but crossing over at 50hz has also helped my midrange (which I really did not think could get better) by relieving my main amp ( a Levinson 336) of sub-50hz duties. I'll try do give you all direct comparisons between the Sub Two's, the Paradigm Servo-15, and the Velo FSR-15, all of which were tried in my system.
FYI, I also listened to REL's in a store system with Nautilus 802's, and they seemed better than the Servo-15 and clearly better than the Velodyne (although it was obviously a different environment). I wish I could have tried the Vandersteens, but didn't have the time (I also heard from some users that said Vandersteens, tremendous as they are, are made to mach Vandersteen mains). BTW, Thiel has a new subwoofer ( also using twin 10" woofers) which has just hit the market. I will probably demo it just for comparison, but each sub is $4800 and the crossover is $2800, making the Sub Two's seem like a great bargain.