NHT Super Zero 2.0 - Matching Subwoofer

Hi I was wondering if a Martin Logan Dynamo 10" sub will match well with the NHT Super Zero 2.0 speakers? I am going to use a Panasonic SA-XR55 digital receiver. I hear the NHT SZ2.0 has a high crossover frequency, and I don't know if that means it'll be hard to match up properly with the right sub? My Martin Logan Dynamo 10" low pass filter goes up to 85hz. The manual says to set that dial to 60% of the lowest frequency of my speakers, so if the lowest frequency on the NHT SZ2.0 is 85, then I would set the sub to 51?

I was also told that most modern receivers handle the crossover settings, so it bypasses the ones on the sub? I will have to check and see if my Panasonic SA-XR55 does that.

In a nutshell, can I use my Martin Logan sub or would I be better off getting the NHT Super 8 sub that is made for the SZ2.0? It has low pass and high pass filter dials and a built in DSP.

Thanks in advance.
If you like the sound of your ML sub. Give it a try. If you don't like what it does, get the NHT.