NHT Sub TWO I??? Any comments?

Was wondering if this is a good quality "music only"
sub or more for HT?

Any preference over the 10" or 12" models?

Any comments & thoughts appreciated. (other subs???)


Creek 5350 SE Integrated (85 W/PC)
Montana SP II MK II speakers
Music Hall MMF 25 cd player

System as is sounds fantastic and I do not want to
muddy it up with flabby...boomy bass.

Several years ago, I came really close to buying one. On paper they sound really nice. I'm glad I didn't. I've listened to two friend's systems who both had the NHT Sub Two. After listening to it and trying to dial it in, I'd rather do without. They are not very musical in the applications that I've heard them in and are worthless around the 18Hz to 25Hz which is the entire reason why one might be buying them in the first place.

I ended up buying a Triad Platinum 18inch sub (retails for $2k) and the Sub Two can't even begin to approach it's musical definition and low level reproduction.

Triad is hard to find any info on.

An excellent musical sub that is among the best (yes I know you can spend up to $30k on a sub) is Bag End's Infra-Sub 18 inch subwoofer now retailing for about $1600. You can usually find one or two used subs in audiongon for about $900.

I've demo'ed the Bag End in my home for a few weeks. So musical and tight that it was almost too tight. If that's possible for an 18 inch sub. The only reason I decided against it was because the Triad was a bit more user friendly and almost as musical.

If you're serious about real low level reproduction (18Hz to 30Hz) and demand a sense of musicality in the process, I believe there are very few real choices within the price range you appear to be looking. And in this price range you would be best served to stay away from all 10 inch and 12 inch subwoofer drivers. In higher price ranges, say $3k - $5k, the 10 or 12 inch driver size is not as much an issue.

This sub sounds clean, but it is also dry and tone deaf.