New version of MF "A3" int. amp.

My friend told me don't buy existing version of A3 intergrated amp. at this moment since new version with SACD input is coming very soon. do anyone hear that?
I have seen pictures from audio shows of new "choke regulated" dual mono integrated amp, which has the new A3 styling and is very powerful @150w, but also much more expensive than A3, around twice the price, will not be available to buy for a while still......MF has been working on updated CDP to replace A3CD, since the basic design is now 2-3yrs old going back to the X-Ray and E624 CDP, don't know when that will be available
Which audio shows? Where? Is it really ture A3 dual mono int. amp. will have "choke regulated" new model. pls confirm. Grateful and Thank you very much.
Sam, any idea on the price of the new player? Just might be the player I jump on. Thank you.
Polly this unit was shown by MF at british audio shows recently, model name not known yet, no availability date yet but sometime next year probably, all USA sales through Audio Advisor. I would not hesitate to buy either A3 or A300 now, why wait?
Trelja, I saw picture of this unit in recent british mag HiFi News & record review. The US price will probably be around $2000, but MF is very cheap through Audio Advisor. For example A3 integrated costs 850 pounds, current exchange rate is @1 pound = $1.50, so AA should sell for $1300, but they sell for $995 new or $850 demo. This is all in the future I have no exact timing for when AA will sell, Sam
Trelja, above comments were for new integrated sorry, as far as new CDP I have no price info or availability date, please call AA to get the latest, Sam
Thanks for the info Sam! I will keep my eye out for that player. Think there is an excellent chance I will buy. I really love the A3. By the way, as I consider you the cable guru and quite up on the new Musical Fidelity products, have you tried the NuVista silver interconnects? I believe they are solid silver, and about $250(?). Like everything Antony Michaelson does, I am sure this has to be a winner. He always offers great value for money, world class performance at real world prices. Since he is not a cable manufacturer exclusively, I would venture to guess his goal is to make a product that can stand with any, but he won't rely on it to keep him in business(so doesn't have to be $1000/m). Thanks again.
Trelja, British are way behind USA as far as aftermarket cables go, going back to the brain washing by Linn/Naim that their cheap cables were all you need, and anything else was waste of money. More and better choices now, but still hard to find any British company that offers aftermarket AC cords! I prefer copper cables in general and have not heard NuVista silver cables, but I suspect similar priced products from Silver Audio or Harmonic Tech would be superior, Sam
There is a picture of new integrated amp in Nov What HiFi mag. Unit is called NuVista M3 integrated amp, styling is like other A3 line, no details were given, but it looks big and powerful @200w? and will very likely have CR (choke regulation). The real question is will it use nuvistors like previous NuVista products, previously MF said they had bought the entire world supply of these. Price is steep, 3,000 pounds which will be about $4,000 through Audio Advisor, please check with Audio Advisor to confirm future availability and final details. Most people should just go ahead and get A3 or A300, much better value, Sam
Dec issue of Hi Fi News has full review of new NuVista M3. It does use nuvistors, MF had enough in storage to release this product. It is dual mono and does use choke regulated power. Power tranformers are in seperate remote case, styling is similar to home theater amp, with two cases. Price is 2,995 pounds so Audio Advisor will probably sell at discount $3700-4000? Remember the old NuVista amp & preamp together cost over 5,000 pounds.
I recently bought an A3cr combo and picked up the NuVista silver ICs for half off. Burned them in for about 300 hours. They are ok, not as bright as some Kimber designs, but nothing incredible going on either. I'll use them for a tuner or secondary source. By the way, the A3cr amp is really a super value and a very fine amp, surprisingly measuring up to all the positive press its been getting. The preamp is likewise quite good, but is going back to AA in favor of a tubed model - for whatever reason it doesn't quite convey the 'presence' I've had with tube gear. I would not go overboard with the 'SACD capable' hype. Quite a few high end manufacturers have for some time designed their gear for wide bandwidth, and will handle SACD just fine. IMHO, I'd buy the new A3 for the power supply improvements, not the SACD button.