New Turntable

Been reading the threads about turntables. Saw one about DIY for approx $200.00, sounds like a great project. What I would like to know is about the "high end stuff." I only know a few of the brands; Orbe, Verdier, Teres, Basis and I'm sure there is more. Any help in my search will be greatly appreciated.
Verdier is the name you need to know.

If you want high end the sky is the absolute limit - do a websearch for a rockport sirius 3!

As for your $200 budget - have you considered an Origin Live kit - this is a bit more expensive, but very good

Also think about classic kit like a throens TD150/124, a garrard 301, or or one of the old Technics SP10's or MArantz TT1000 etc. All very good and can teach current high end a thing or two.
There are many considerations for an analog front end...turntable, cartridge, cables, and phonoamp. Also, what platform are you willing and able to put you table on (i.e. do you have a suspended floor or a concrete pad?)?

What type of music do you play?

What is your budget for this "enterprise"?

How much space do you have?
Do they still make these? I couldn't find any information on them at the OL website.
in the 2000 to 3000 range look at a new Teres 150 at can get an arm, cartridge and the teres for less than 3000 landed. You will never look back; well, you may want a more expensive Teres someday.
Verdier is one of the best names in high end TTs - good enough for me to spend my hard earned pounds on one.