new speaker for shindo amps - 70 watts

Looking to get a more efficient speaker than the sf cremonas - have all shindo gear and a large room 23by 24 with 12 foot ceilings.As i mentioned i have the 70 watt amps by shindo , play mostly jazz .
Devore speakers are a great match for Shindo gear. Given your room size, I would go for the Devore Reference Silverbacks ($15Kish). The other option in that same price range that should match nicely are Verity Leonores. I am sure there are many other good matches but these two should match very well with your gear.

You may want to consider the Devore Silverback Reference loudspeakers. I drive mine with a Shindo Giscours preamp and Shindo Sinhonia monos (40 watts/ch) in a 25x15x9 room that opens to a 25x13x9 kitchen with great results. The attenuators on the Sinhonias are set at the midpoint, so there's still plenty of power left. The Silverbacks have been my reference for the past 5 years, and replaced a pair of Vandersteen Model Fives. Hope this helps.
Call Jonathan Halpern, the Shindo distributor.
He'll know better than anyone.
For such a high quaility amp like yours, I`d also give serious consideration to Coincident, Tonian Labs and Horning as excellent high sensitivity-easy load brands.
Those are great suggestions, but if you want to go the purist route, check out the Altec Valencias or for the ultimate in synergy - Shindo Latour which are a field coil design.
I own the Silverbacks in my reference system and someday hope to upgrade to the best Shindo amplification I can afford to best compliment my Shindo Masseto. I have heard the Shindo Latour's, Altec Valencia 846A's, and the Silverbacks with Shindo electronics. All quite different from each other in terms of musical presentation, but they have one thing in common - sound to die for.
when I used Shindo amplifiers, I always had Altec speakers...model 19 or 604 in 620 enclosure......