New Plinius Integrated? 8200mk2?

I have heard that Plinius has revamped their 8200 integrated amp to mk.2 status. If so, what are the changes? Does it compare to Krell's new KAV 300IL? I have B&W speakers-CDM9NTs. Looking for the best amp. Thanks.
I heard about it thr the distributor Advance Audio tech . It is suppose to be totally revamped but in the same chassis. It had got a larger transformer, more PS filtering and the input stage is redesigned.
According to his observation the mkII is more clean sounding, more dynamic and better bass control. Soon I will be upgrading my 8200 to mkII status.
I gave serious consideration to the Plinius 8200mk, as well as the Llano Trinity 200, but settled on a Pass Labs X150. The Pass has no PS filter. It does not use feedback and there are no capacitors nor resistors in the signal path. the two stages are directly coupled. Pass Labs uses a patented groundbreaking passive distortion annihilator system that rids the signal of 100% more distortion than in any other amp, without loosing any miniscule detail at all. You can tell I am hyped on this amp. It has turned my polite Apogee Duetta Signatures into innocent bystanders.