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Elevating subwoofer about two feet off the floor
I have a Rythmik sub and so far its has been sitting on the floor spiked with moderate results. I have done measurements using REW and there were a couple of suck outs and FR was not even. After reading this thread I decided to try it out so with ... 
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with
The new display sucks. Can we have a option to suppress the thumbnails and display old style listing. Also noticed that within a category you cannot do any refine search. The site has become slow. I would suggest every member to send an email to c... 
Like the new look to audiogon ?
The new display sucks. Can we have a option to suppress the thumbnails and display old style listing. Also noticed that within a category you cannot do any refine search.I would suggest every member to send an email to customer support urging them... 
Denafrips maybe have a second thought.
I had the Ares and it worked perfectly and then I upgraded to the Pontus. For the exchange I had to return it back to HK, but fortunately Alvin found a buyer in US. The Pontus is far more better than Ares in every respect.  
How far can room treatments solve boomy bass?
My audio journey related to the above goes like this. Last Nov we moved to Atlanta and my new dedicated audio room decreased in size (14 by 12 by 8). I have relatively medium size floor standing speakers with powered woofers. The sound was boomy a... 
Best high-efficiency speaker under 10K
Vaughn Loudspeakers Zinfandel or the Cabernet. Absolutely fantastic full range high efficiency speakers with a benign load. Ideal for SET amps. Also works with any type of amps.I am presently using the Zinfandel in my system driven by the Symphoni... 
Looking for warm sounding speakers
Thank you all for your responses. I had in mind the Vandersteen 2ce sig or 3A and the other speaker was the Vienna Acoustics. I definitely want a floor standing speaker and I do listen to music sometimes quite loud.Thx 
Speakes for SET amp
You are absolutely right. I love my SET amps. They are NAT Audio SE2se using two 211 in parallel. I have researched every possible audio site, read reviews and there are very few SET friendly spks available which fits my budget. The AN speakers ar... 
Speakes for SET amp
Thanks for the great replies. I am really getting interested in the Coincident Super Eclipse speakers. My audiophile friend suggested the Audio Note AN-E/spe HE speakers either factory assembled or as kit. Any feedback on these AN spks. Thanks 
Anything like the Ayre CX-7e but with digital in?
The Resolution Audio Opus 21 and Cary 306 are one of the best I have owned and with digital inputs. With the Duet connected its wonderful. 
Tannoy Prestige Speakers
I purchased my Kensingtons from Audio Classics, Great service and very good price.They are great speakers and very tube friendly 
Has anyone heard the NAT Utopia preamp
I have the Plasma preamp in my system along with the Se2se mono amps. All I can say its one of the best I have so far. Its slightly on the warmer side but its got fantastic dynamics and bass response. I like its signature. Definitely you should au... 
Comparing Ultraverve to CJ 16 or Supratek preamps
I will soon be replacing my Ultraverve with a preamp built my me. I am using the Erno Borbely line stage and power supply in a custom chassis with P&G volume control.My present Ultravere is fitted with the the Gold point step attenuator with r... 
audiophile music servers the latest products, info
The analog output from any of the music server/Sonos/SB3 is a waste of time. I have a fully modified Bolder Sb3 and it does not come close to an external high quality DAC. The key is a very good quality DAC and then you can get rid of your expensi... 
Preamp help needed - max $ 2500
I have two preamp which are serving me very well. The Joule Electra LA-100 mk3 and the Dehavilland Ultraverve. Both the preamps are fantastic with good details and excellent dynamics. Both of them fits your budget.