new music recommendations

What are some of the best u have heard in terms of new or less well known artists that you would recommend strongly? Here are few of mine

1. Bebel Gilberto: Tanto Tempo...bossa nova w/ sex appeal. The hell w/ Diana Krall!
2. Ben Allison: well not new, and well known in circles: but great delicate jazz w/ emotional power
3. The Black Keys: blues duo with rock sensibilites...raw and good for it
4. Cinematic Orchestra: Everyday...if real jazz muscians play chill out music then....
5. Adam Levy: Buttermilk Channel: guitar improv w/ a twang
6. Garage A Trois: is it jazz? is it rock? is it jam band?
7. Jazz Is Dead: Blue Light Rain: jazz men play grateful dead as instrumentals
8. Kelly Joe Phelps: Lead Me On...not new, but not well known...acoustic blues...the guy is a monster
9. Living Daylights: Electric Rosary: modern jazz with funk, chill out elements: intelligent groove
10. Mark Isham: TV theme song guy, but this melodic jazz album is very good
11. Morphine: Cure for Pain....unfortnately disbanded after a death..trio..rock...but no guitars, and acoustic double bass & drums & horns.
12. Olu Dara: contemporary laid back funk with some hip hop, some new orleans jazz
13. Opeth:Damnation: head bangers (which I don't like) release this entirely acoustic album: strangely beautiful
14. Soda Stereo: Sueno Stereo...the Latin U2?
15.Tom Harrell: Wise Children: jazz with hear & intellect with a rooting in pop
16. Topaz: The Zone...NY funk jams
17 Touch Acoustra: When It comes up...sorta like Cinematic Orchestra but not as overtly chill out
18 Vallejo: Stereo...Texas rock with a Mexican twist
19. Moke: Carnival: sounds initially like FM rock, but much more to it
20. The Slip: jazz trio: a lot lock early Scofield
Of your twenty, I know only Mark Isham. I have some of his stuff from 1986. He does themes to keep solvent. I am disturbed at the concentration of 75% our radio stations into a clump of five right wingers. I used to go to radio to play me new stuff. That said, in new I like Thea Gilmore.
hi henryhk ~ i igree with your b. gilberto, and cinematic
orchestra recommendations. i am going to check out the
rest of the artists on your list which i am not familiar
with. i'm always open to new music, specially if it
sounds good in my stereo. below are my recommendation
these are some of my favorite based on good music, and
good sounding music when played in hi-fi stereo. enjoy!
and happy listening. jojo

1. verve/remixed. var. arstists remixed by world renound
dj's, producers, and artists ie: thievery corp, de-phazz, dizhan & kamien to name a few. songs by carmen mcrae,
astrud gilberto, nina simone, and ella fitzgerald.
this is a must have compilation, plus it really sounds
good. if you like this one, you should also check
also check out verve/remixed2, and verve/unmixed
(original songs unmixed version).

2. richard dorfmeister presents - a different drummer selections. var. artists (dub, reggae style, genre)
feat. artists like g-corp, rockers hi-fi, noiseshaper, etc.
this is not your typical reggae compilation it's much
deeper and funkier it's also seemlesly mixed by richard

3.impressed with gilles peterson - var. artist
(jazz genre) feat. artist like michael garrick trio,
the joe harriott & amancio d'silva quartet, ronnie ross,
harrybecket, etc. songs were recorded in the late sixties.
i've never heard any of these artists until i picked up this cd. gilles peterson is a world
renowned dj./producer from the u.k.

4. go right - jazz from poland 1963-1975 var. artists
feat. jerzy milian, novi singers, andrej kurylewicz
quartet. very nice soothing jazz compilation.

5. yonderboi - shallow and profound. electronic music,
with a touch of everything from: jazz, lounge, down tempo,
hip-hop, trip-hop, chill-out. this was released in 2000
and at that time it blew me away, and to this date it still
sounds good to me.

6. suba - tributo. suba was one of the producer of
bebel gilberto breakout "tanto tempo" cd. after
the release of tanto tempo suba died that year in his studio due to fire. this cd
is a tribute to subas songs by his friends and artists
ie: buscemi, boyz from brazil etc.

7. club sodade - cesaria evora. (house, club tunes)this is a compilation of c. evoras music which were remixed by
house, drum & bass dj's and producer. my favorite
track on this cd is #8 "miss perfumado" very
involving somewhat eerie and beatifull song. i believe
all songs are sung in portuguese if i'm not mistaken.

8. astor piazzolla - remixed. this legendary accordianist
from buenos aires? get's a taste of the "remixed" bug. his
songs are also re-done by various electronic dj's, artists
and producer.

9. latin deluxe - monte la rue. various artists chill out
bossa nova electronic tunes.

10. sven van hees - calypso. another electronic down tempo
chill out cd.
Kool. I have the verve & suba albums. Dorfmeister, definitely will check out: I love the K&D sessions album as well his new project TOSCA....if u don't know this stuff, u shld like them.

Here are another 2.

anything by Ulu: hard to find, may have to order: think they have their own website: I got min by buying a used CD via Amazon. NY experimental funk jazz band...Jammin'!

the other: Calypso King : Soul Strike!....if u like the Meters...then u are gonna luv this fairly new band.
Son Volt, Whiskey Town if you liked the Kelly Joe Phelps(he is Monster).
I'm into Americana/alt-country/roots rock type of things. Kind of a combination of Country, punk, blues, blugrass/folk, and rock n roll jumbled together. A specific band may lean towards one type more than others, but all are definitely not slick corporate music.

This is real music done by humans on real musical instruments. No lip sync'ers here, no backing tapes.

James McMurtry, all his albums are good, I like "Too long in the Wasteland", best.

Boneshaker's - some members of Storyville in this band, "Live, Shake your booty." Raw rock n rhythm/blues.

Jim Lauderdale- More countryish, excellent recordings, great guitar work, usually from Buddy Miller. "Closer to the Truth", "Hummingbird", for two of many.

Flatlanders - Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock. texas country roots music.

Toni Price - one of Austin's great female vocalists, backed by some of Austin's best musicians such as Scrappy Jud Newcomb, and Casper Rawls. Folk/blues, kind of like Bonnie Riatt, but to me better. "Midnight Pumpkin."

Eagles of Death Metal- terrible recording, AWESOME music!Every song onthe album is at least entertaining.

New Mark Knophler is great.