New Monk vinyl box set on Mosaic

Mosaic records seems to be back to vinyl. Good news. Has anyone heard the Theolonius Monk box set ? If yes can you give your first impressions ?
There only back to wax for items Colombia/CBS/Sony has rights for and Casucuna made major F up's going that way.If he didn't do some really crappy boxes )Four Freshman I mean come on!) and now puts out good transfers of stuff from Woody Herman,Lester Young et all only on CD.I mean Lou Donalkdson on CD only?
Anyway know friend who has box so I'll get back to you with report on performance but I know that band cooked and was a well oiled unit buy the It Club year.I have his "Live In Japan" (it's cool a test pressing made for Japan market.Performances are brilliant.Beyond his works with Rouse only band to beat it might be the Griffin Group for "In Action and Mysterious" (as great as the recent as opposed to old Coltrane was and the brilliant Rollins studio session "The Little Giant" (Griffin) was the perfect foil.But screw it if others like Classic can make a buck on wax and Ultimate Analogue can sell oone off 45rpm sets maybe Casucuna should sell his company to someone who cares.Doesn't he read?CD's are plummeting in face opf downloads but wax is up 300% in past year or five.Hey BTW if you don't have it find a used copy of Classic's Charlie Rouse "Yeah!" or get the CD with it and half of a Bethlehem LP he did with Seldon Powell called "We Paid Our Dues".yeah has I think Gildo Mahones.Pec Morrison and Dave Bailey.Killer $300-$500 LP but Classic re-issue sounds as good or maybe better Epic did excellent recordings.but again Cascuna has really made bad decision since now no more wax even for BN's.Try to by the Mobley set on Ebay and 6 Lp's will set you back $600.Should tell him something.Put choicer goods on both formats.But if Sony had given him rights to it he would have put out the Monk "It Club" sessions on CD screwing us all.
I own this set "At the It Club". It's real (vinyl) and it's spectacular!

...Apologies to Seinfeld.
I received the Monk box set yesterday. It is a jewel. All four albums are top sounding and mastered, no defects, dead quiet background. Bob Blumenthal's notes on the booklet are well documented and 8 photos . 5 previously unissued sets. Another great Mosaic vinyl box . Good job Mr. Cuscuna, I am waiting for the next one !