New Magnepan "Concept Speaker" introduced at Audio Connection

Just saw a Youtube clip by the Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg on this new design by Magnepan. He raved about these speakers on the realism that they created. Anyone else heard these???

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@don_c55 Your last sentence says a lot! It is so very true. I had a long discussion with Wendell about this very issue when I was at his 30.7 demo. Wendell stated something that I think is very much on point...he does not want to make speakers for the rich and the entitled.
Instead, he is trying to bring speakers to the market that have a wide appeal to the music lover, without having to require that they have ’deep pockets’.
As such, I mentioned to him that perhaps from a marketing perspective he is actually hurting himself!! The ’cachet’ attached to the price is what appeals to so many ’neophyte’ audiophiles. Pathetic in the extreme IMO, but still a major factor.
The new ’concept speaker’ will still suffer from the same issue...too inexpensive to be good.
BTW, I guess I was one of the few folks who heard the new 30.7’s ( and after some minor room acoustic mods and placement changes that we ’convinced’ Wendell to do) thought it was a superb sounding speaker.
Kudos to Wendell for doing what he is attempting to do...