New kit for small room speaker advice needed

My room is 8�(H) * 9� (W) * 13�(D). I plan to use an Arcam AV8 I have as the pre-amp, I have to buy a new stereo power amp, upgrade my CD (from an Arcam CD82) and get new speakers. My total budget to do this is 11,000 Euro or $14.5K.

I would appreciate any advice on how to proportion the money and on what but in particular I am looking for advice on a set of speakers that will work well in that small room size.
Vocals are important to me, I like a reasonable level of bass, want good soundstage and imaging.

Thanks in advance,
Find some speakers that sound very good in the near-field...Quad comes to mind.

I like the ribbon-tweeter Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 SE, or its bigger brother, the Leisure 3 SE. I've had the 2 SE (nearfield, in my bedroom system) and a pal had the 3 SE.

The 2 SE is great for the money, a really good small monitor with an amazingly smooth and open high end.

The 3 SE, which goes lower with more authority and has a more transparent midrange than the smaller 2 SE, is just a great speaker in its own right and is priced way under the market. You want vocals, it's got vocals--I was impressed with Simon & Garfunkel's Central Park live LP, for example. And both models look good, the distressed poplar finish on the 3 SE especially.

That's my 2 cents.

Saving some cash on speakers will let you put more into your digital source. Source rules, say I.
Take a look at Merlins TSM-MX, I just bought a pair and they play big and have far greater clarity then my Tyler Lynbrook Sign., which are great speakers. Read the review on Merlins website.

They are that good.
Thanks. I must admit I am not familiar with either of the Aurum or Merlin but I will do a search on them.

Thanks again.