New Joni Mitchell Album - Travelogue

So have any of you listened to this new CD of Joni Mitchell with orchestra? What do you think?

It seems to me that the orchestra was recorded seperately from the vocals. The orchestra is really well recorded, but I find the vocals to be a little ragged sounding, digital, not smooth and fluid. Overall, I like the musical content. Different ways of singing old familiar songs - good variation. Surprising that her old songs have references to "while Muslims stick up Washington".

Also, anyone know why I can't burn a copy on my computer. I've tried it at various speeds. Is this a different form of copy protections?

I've the CD. Personally, I wish she stick to small band and not get carried away with orchestra. The reason I suspect you can't burn CD copy is because of multi-media content on CD. It may also have copyright protection, but I doubt it.