Midwest plains travelogue

The drive from Denver to Hutchinson, Kansas, is not for the faint-hearted. I believe good coffee and food are unlAWFUL over most of that distance (kept thinking of the David Bromberg line..."One more piece of cardboard pie"). Worse yet on Thanksgiving day when most businesses were closed. Thanksgiving dinner was a greasy skillet dish at a Denny's along the way. Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...Anyway, here's how I shortened the drive:

Heart--The Road Home
Led Zeppelin--III
Cold Blood--Thriller
O'Brien Party of 7--Reincarnation
Hot Tuna--Steady As She Goes
The Tony Rice Unit--Manzanita
Chet Baker--Chet
Assorted classical and jazz selections chosen by Sirius.

Worked for me. As they say, your mileage may vary.

Happy holidays, all!
Same to you 77! You might want to try some Pat Metheny next time you make that trip. He was born and graduated high school in Lee's Summit, MO and that wide open spaciousness of the plains can be felt in a lot of his music.

He has put out a lot of albums in a great variety of styles so if you're not familiar with his music you should try to hear some on Pandora or another streaming service before you buy anything. He is definitely worth checking out though.
Tomcy6, I did not know Pat Metheney was from Missouri but I do like his music. "Beyond the Missouri Sky" would be an excellent addition to the CD case for my next trip across the plains. Thanks for the suggestion.
The compilation on ECM "Works" would make a good relaxing listen for that drive. Not if you need something to keep you awake though. The song "Last Train Home" is another perfect fit.
Lou Reed's "New York" helped me stay focused over the long haul.
Too bad your drive was on Thanksgiving holiday. There are several nice Amish places to eat there. Hutchinson, Capital of grain elevators.
Bg, My in-laws are in Hutch...any suggestions you have for places to eat would be appreciated. thanks for the music suggestions, folks.
FWIW...I once had Thanksgiving Turkey at a Perkins...they serve Butterball birds with all the sides...actually...it was so good...I still have it from time to time....
This thread is kind of funny to read. It reminded me of days gone by, trying to cope with the drive down 1-75 through Georgia. Bruckner symphonies--start up number 2 in Chattanooga, run through the rest of the symphonies, and don't cue up Mahler until you hit the Florida line.
Must of been a great let-down going from Bruckner to Mahler.
"as Falls Wichita so Falls Wichita Falls", maybe they got their inspiration from a similar trip?
Schubert, Much as I love Bruckner, his greatest work was teaching Mahler. The transition from Bruckner to Mahler at the Fla line symbolized reaching the promised land.
Making that trip through Ga. down I-75 is, believe it or not, one of my bucket list items. It will be made somewhat easier by my impending retirement to eastern TN. This time, perhaps I can go Mahler 1 to Mahler 10 from the Ga line to the keys!
You're no doubt correct Brownsfan, perhaps because I have so much neurosis myself is the reason I see more in the calm humility of Bruckner than in Mahler.
Brownsfan, another call for the Vegas line robbed Cleveland of a win.
Amazes me how fans cling to the myth the NFL is above corruption.
Schubert, That was the most blatantly rigged sporting event I have witnessed in some time. That game, coupled with the Saturday night Buckeye loss, has me about to swear off football.
Ditto, NFL is just barely above pro-wrestling.