New Foo Fighters Release Anyone?

I really dig the new single "Best of you" and am just wondering if anyone has heard the rest of this release?

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Not yet, but like you, am waiting for it. Heard the new System of a Down?
IMO, disc one is enjoyable, just more of what the Foo Fighters do well. However, the thing that I was looking forward to the most was the acoustic recordings of disc 2. Unfortunately, it would not play on my CDP (ESound E5) due to the copy protection on it. I even went and exchanged it for a different copy to make sure that was it. I just can't understand why disc 1 will play and not disc 2....
I ended up purchasing it yesterday. It is a solid release and the acoustic stuff is great. Both discs play on my XA777ES just fine..They do however have that nasty copy protection on them.

How would you guys rate the recording quality ?
Actually very good. Well worth the price of admission.

Buy the vinyl in, as all vinyl is, limited release. I just bought it...have not listened; received an additional single not on the cd release. The box is very well put together and no copy protection issues.
The vinyl release sounds exceptional in my opinion, far better than the Redbook release, and by that I mean more than is typically the case (since much popular and rock releases on lp are shoddy). The box is very well put together as described above and the dynamic range of the lp's is stunning.