new Electrocompaniet vs older LINN Karik/Nemeric?

Considering both of these (used) as an upgrade for my Meridian 506.20. Any comments would be most appreciated.


dan karan
I don't have experience with these but I'm curious as to whether or not your also considering the 506.24.
The Karik/Numeric is a nice combo, but you could get an Ikemi for the almost the same price, which sounds better in my opinion, and saves you the space/interconnects of the seperate transport/DAC combo.

Just my .02....
easy e,

if you mean the 508.24 then yes i'm considering it as well. i like the meridian sound alot. When i bought the 506 i also auditioned (just for the fun of it as there was no way i could afford it) the Linn and was absolutely floored. Since then, though, i haven't really compared it with some of the machines that have come out since then hence my question asking for comments comparing the Linn with the Electrocompaniet.
In that range, be patient and get an audio aero capitole used, the best CD player under 10k IMO They are seldom available used, sort of says something about the product.
I use to own the Genki and when I upgraded almost two years ago my choices were narrowed down to the Ikemi and the EMC 1 (not the 24/192).
Like you I love the Linn sound so I'm very familiar with the Ikemi. By reading what people say about the two units on Audio Asylum and here I went with the EMC1 without auditioning it. Now looking back I'm glad I chosed the EMC 1 as it was the best CD player that I've ever owned. Now my original unit has been upgraded to the MK II status by having the 24/192 DAC and it couldn't be any better.
I think a better solution for same or less money would be a used Muse Model 9 signature (I think there is currently a dutch auction going on for 5 of them on this site from Hello Simply Music) I bought a Muse Model 296 from them at an auction a month or so ago - this DAC is very similar to the Model 9 sig. These Muse units are truly phenomenal and quite underpriced on the used circuit, to my ears they easily beat everything short perhaps of the Audio Aero capitole and then it's a matter of taste (I think the dCS combo sounds better, but after all its $16K or something obscene like that). The other players you are looking at are very good, but the Muse has a palpability to the sound that is amazing, one feels the instruments in the room with you.