New Cayin SP-10A Integrated Amp

Just upgraded from Cayin A50T to Cayin SP-10A Integrated.
If you have and enjoy your A50-T the SP-10A is a noticable improvement in performance.
The SP-10A is more refined, dynamic, and detailed with greater frequency extension at the top.
The bass is more controlled, and the midrange even sweeter.
The A50T is great for the price.
The SP-10A is unconditionally great!
Read the review in the April, 2012 Stereophile.
I am a cayin/vas fan. So, I have a question. The sp unit has a case, which in MHO will provide reduced air flow, leading to shorter tube life, and other problems. I have the 50 and 100 units and I use a laptop fan to keep them cool. It sits atop top the wire cages. Are you using any fan on your sp unit.
After reading the review and then the test results, I'm surprised it gets listed as a recommended component. The power rating of 38W is at 5% THD and at the standard 1% THD, the power is only 23.9 into 8 ohms and 11.6 into 4 ohms. I have not heard it, and maybe it does sound ok, but the power rating is misleading at best.