New Cary DMS 700

 I have the 600 and it is a great piece. 

The 700 looks to be on the next level. Ladder dac
$6000 or $8000 more so is a hefty price to pay to find out. And once somebody plunge those bucks he will nit have other choice but to praise it (in order to sell it to the next guy).
Some fluff for sure. I think the team at Cary are very excited about their new player.  30 day trial so kinda risk free. 

The point made by 6moons is that they were equally excited with their "XX" (where XX can be 500, 550, 600)

That’s ridiculous. I’m sorry and I’m a long term Cary amp and preamp owner too. Uh, $7995 retail ??? for a network-streamer-DAC with R2R. People are using iPads, pads, laptops, not a puny display on front of a unit smaller than a mobile phone. A great example of how out of touch things can get when market moves right past ya.

Bummer. This is exactly why so many people are going in different directions outside of the USA now for streamers and DACs. Schiit made in California or Border Patrol in Maryland both have the right USA approach - quality, fair price, value, competitive sounding, selling products without having to discount. They get it, keeping it in the USA too! Survival of the fittest will prove true in this new digital era of audio. Valid competition is forcing prices down, fast. Voting for those who adapt fast, survive, and thrive. 

A $315 Digi One Signature Rasberry Pi streamer (euro made with india R&D) with optional power supplies paired with a variety of good $1k to 1.5k R2R Ladder DACs at less than 1/3 the total price, with equal or better result. Hopefully others in the USA (like Schiit has) figure it out sooner than later.  Value gets the $ from the majority mainstream audio consumer any more.  
Street price will be under 6k and Cary will sell a ton of them. Much better sounding than the Aurender A10 and the Lumin T2.  Plus more features 
I don’t think the Rasperry Pi crowd is their target audience. It’s guys like me that want a one box solution. I have been thru the seperate streamer/ Dac/ uSB/ Regen/seperate power supplies/ system. The Cary is a great looking unit that sounds great and removes clutter.