New Aragon Stage One Pre/Pro - Should I wait?

I'm in the process of upgrading my B&K Ref 30. I want something that is better with 2 channel music. My winner so far is the Integra Research RDC-7 which has been getting great reviews in both 2 ch and HT performance. But I guess there is a strong competitor coming up in March: the Aragon Stage One. Considering the great reviews the Soundstage got for 2 channel music, I was wondering if I should wait for the new Aragon. If it does have the same performance as the Soundstage and all the new features, such as DTS-ES, PLII, THX-Ultra 2 and others, it may be a better Pre-Pro than the Integra.

What do you think? What are your expectations on the new Aragon Pre-Pro? Is it possible to assume that it will overperform the Integra in the 2 channel field? Do you know where I can get further information on the Aragon Stage One?
I am confident Aragon will not dissapoint at their price point.
I just got an email from one of the Aragon's dealers saying that it will not have balanced outputs! Too bad, at 4k I think it should have. The AVM 20 has it for around 3k. Considering that balanced inputs were one of the features I'm looking for in a Pre-Pro, I guess I'll have to go with the Integra.

Do you have any suggestions in the 4k price range?
If you have not purchased a processor yet....find a Soundstage(new approx.$2000)and in May they will upgrade it for $750, which will include all the bells and whistles. It has balanced and will most likely sound better than the Stage One.
Note that the upgrade program for ACT3 and Soundstage processors ends June 30, 2003 according to the Aragon website. No information on what happens after that that I was able to see.

My big question is this: is an upgraded soundstage worth the approximately 900 additional bux over and upgraded ACT3? The upgrade for the ACT3 is 950 and the soundstage 800; used cost of soundstage approx 1400 and act3 is 500. So, the net upgrade cost is actually about a grand when you consider that the cost for upgrade of the ACT3 is another 150 over the soundstage.

Anybody had a chance to compare the upgraded ACT3 and upgraded soundstage?