Neutral el-34 .re-issue o/p tube for Jolida 302b.

***********NEED ADVISE FROM JOLIDA 302B OWNERS*********** I just newly acquired a Jolida 302b (old version) and need a good neutral sounding new (re-issue)EL-34 output tubes.I know they have alot of good brand out there but cant' decide which is which??This int.amp will be my back up for main system.
Which one of the following EL-34/6CA7??
1.electro harmonic (fat bottle)
2.mullard (re-issue)
Or any el-34 tubes out there better than aboved mentioned.
I'm sure NOS will be better but too rich for my blood.
Part of the system to be match are:
Jolida Jd-100 (cd-source)
Jm Labs Electra 936 (93db speaker sensitivity)
I listened mostly:
Soft Jazz/Soft Rock
Again,a million thanks to eveyone.
just bought jj/tesla el34-matched quad for under $50 from antique audio supply- just breaking them in on a hot-rodded st70 but they already(10hrs) sound good and they are supposed to be very reliable-unlike what i've heard about the reissued mullards
just my 2-cents
You left out my fav. in the '34 family. Those be the Seimens.(( Svets. had a taste more bass but the mids. weren't in the same league as the Seimens.)) and-- at a more friendly price. --Than the cost of Mullards
Lenkspk- Were those JJs the "L" version (low noise, I think)?
How about those JJs blue glass EL-34L (cryoed) Swampwalker mentioned.
what do you guys think of this combination for Jolida 302b?

4- EL-34 tubes ..JJ Tesla blue glass
2-12ax7.......Mullard (nos)
2-12at7.......Mullard (nos)

So far i am hearing a lot of thing from JJ Tesla EL-34L blue glass and seems to me that i am getting close of getting it.
Thank you guys.
The most neutral and extended EL34 I have ever heard is the EH 6CA7.

SED is quite good but definitely a little sweeter and slightly fatter sounding. Probably still my favorite current production tube.

I favor the EH EL34's.

Other tubes I've tried sounded different, but nothing sounded better. (Using Rogue Cronus)