NeoAudiophilite need advice:active vs passive

Will a no gain passive pre-amp (Superphon Sp-100) add any volume and depth to my Will Vincent 25 watt amp. Thanks Cory in Reno
Objectively, it cannot possibly do that.

Cory, I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. Add volume and depth compared to what. Are you asking if it will play loud enough? As for depth, you might percieve more depth in a recording because passives reveal lots of details and "depth" can be part of subtle cues in the recording. What you need to know is the output voltage of your source and the input sensitivity of your amp. Another issue would be the input impedance of the amp which is likely fine as most tube amps of high input impedance.
The whole idea of passive is that it adds as little as possible. One of the best tests of any component is to place it in the reproduction chain where it is not needed and to see if you can hear it. You should not be able to know it is there if it is really transparent.