Need Speaker Recommendations

I have a home theater set up in my basement and I need to upgrade my speakers. The room is 25ft wide and 16ft deep. I have a Velodyne DD15 sub, Thiel Powerpoint surrounds, Sherbourn 200w amps, a B&k Ref 50 and a 96" Stewart Silverhawk screen with a sharp dlp projector.

Usage is 80% home theater and 20% music. I currently have NHT VT-1 LCR, which are ten years old. I tried Martin Logan Aeon's, but didn't like the reflections from the front wall and sold them. I have been looking at B&W 804's or Proac D25's.

Does anybody have any suggestions for me for new LCR's? I am open to anything that will meet these needs and will work well with the Powerpoints.
I listened to a pair of VMPS RM-30's the other day in a hometheater setup...they were outstanding.

What ever you go with, speakers that need not be placed well away from the wall to sound their best should be on your list.

My system is 80% music and 20% hometheater so is not setup this way, but...if I were in your shoes it would be.

VMPS would be a great choice, you get the ribbon sound and they are easier to place...I like Eminent Technology myself, but you might get reflections from those also...VMPS might be your best bet IMHO