Need some cartridge advise please.

Hello all, 

  I have a Basis 1400 with the Rega RB 900 tonearm.  I am currently using a Benz Micro Glider cartridge that is at least 15-16 years old.  My phono pre is a Rockford Fozgate Signature.  I am sure it is time to replace/retip the cartridge.  I have no local dealers to ask or demo.  
  If anyone could offer suggestions for a cartridge that would work well with my setup would be appreciated.  I listen to mostly classic rock. I could probably spend up to $1500.  Thank you in advance for any input.
Thanks to all that have responded.  I'm researching cartridge matching with tonearms and my head is spinning.  Anyone with deep pockets want to open an audio shop in east Texas?  :)
Mid mass tonerms designed for mid compliance cartridges.

Genre of music doesn't matter at all, any good cartridge must reproduce all genres equally, if one cartridge reproduce rock better than jazz this cartridge is BS. If a cartridge can reproduce the most complicated passages ( a lot of instruments at the same time) then it is a very good cartridge.  

If fact it shouldn't be an MC, because MM have much better tracking abilities and sounds like a master tape, especially this XSV/4000 or related Stanton cartridges. Victor X1IIe or Sony XL50 are great too... There are many more. 

But if you want an MC make sure to check Dynavector KARAT series with diamond cantilever, this is amazing cartridge for mid/light mass tonearms. 

Hi jrun
Where in East Texas ???
I have fond memories of the area but not for music reproduction
Ha Ha, I'm actually in Shreveport, but the nearest audio dealer is in Dallas.  I'm willing to drive, but damn it's a long ways to visit a small dealer with limited selections.  I realize I'm more likely to see a unicorn than see a new brick and mortar audio dealer near me.
Dynavector XX2- job done