Need some advice with new system

I am looking at purchasing a pair of adcom 565 monoblocks used at a local dealer. Being that my musical tastes are basically hard rock and heavy metal i am looking to move air. Also i am on a budget so i am as they say looking for the "Biggest Bang for the Buck". Anyone have any suggestions on a good preamp,cd player and speakers for this type of preference.Like to feel it in the chest. Yet trying to stay away from those nasty harsh highs.I had a set of Klipsh Chorus 2's about 5 years ago and the highs were way to bright but the bass was descent.
You absolutely have to check out the AR 303's offered on These speakers made it into class D in Stereophile. I'm not home right now, otherwise I'd give you some excerpts from the review, but if you'd like to call me, I'd be happy to read it to you (I have 12 years of back issues) (201) 217-6686. It was also just reviewed in the most recent Sensible Sound. This is an audiophile speaker that was made in headbanger heaven. It's tonal balance is very smooth, not etched. When played really loud, however, it may require that you wear a kevlar bullet-proof vest (killer, loud, deep bass - a 12" woofer). It's not efficient, but the Adcom's would take care of that. It also plays extremely loud. Don't be fooled by the "midfi" AR name - it was designed by an audiophile designer (I don't remember right now, but I think it was Arnie Nudell, who I seem to recall was the chief designer of the $10,000 Infinitys, or was it Ken Kessler???). I have an audiophile friend who bought the AR 302's, the slightly smaller version of the 303, from accessories4less, and he absolutely loves them. They were brand new, as advertised, with the original factory seal intact. I was thinking about getting them myself (and may still), so I called AR to check out a4l. AR said that a4l is an authorized dealer. I gave my copy of Sensible Sound to my friend, so I can't quote it to you. As I recall, it had some reservations about listening to the speaker off-axis. You have to set it up so the tweeter is at proper height. My friend said that he set up his 302's at the proper height and they sound terriffic - and he uses Adcom amplificaiton. Good luck. Steve
P.S. to my other message... I forgot to mention that these speakers are the best bang for the buck in audio today. These speakers are GREATLY reduced in price - the original selling price on A4L is accurate. The speakers have been out of production for a few years. Steve
About CD players - You can't miss with the Cambridge D500 - I have one. Recently got a rave review by Sam Tellig in Stereophile. It's available from Toys from the Attic in White Plains, NY - TFTA is a great store and completely reliable - I shop there often. Tell Mario, Jim, or Bob that I sent you. Steve Cuskley
You say you're on a budget but not how much you want to spend, so I apologize if I miss the mark. You could look for a used pair of NHT's for speakers - the 2.5i can be had for about $700, the 2.9's for about $1200. They're made to be within a few inches of a wall, so placement is easy. They will definitely play as loud as you want to take them, have a very satisfying low end for relatively inexpensive speakers. They're differently shaped which might be a plus or a minus to you. Also, they're probably not the best if you want to fill a living room and be walking around the house - more appropriate for sitting and listening.
Hi, in the music category you mentioned, NAD makes a great CD player in the $500 range, I belive it is a model 400. Preamps, well nothing at all with the Adcom or NAD, or if you want to smooth out the system, pick up Audible Illusions Modulus, it plays forever, and is great with solid state amps. You can get a series 2 in the low hundreds and a 3 model in the high hundreds. Alos, PS Audio has some great older pieces that work very well, the PS4.6 works very well if you can find one. On speakers, I like the B&W's for rock, and you don't have to go to the Nautilis to get great sound on a budget. Also, as some others noted, the NHT 2.9 or 3.3 are astonishing on rock or home theater, great dynamics and don't sound hard except when really pushed, but can handle the current. Hope this helps!!