Need reviewers

Hey all,If you’re a reviewer with some sort of following (column, vlog, etc.), or a dealer, then I’d like to send you a demo unit of my product to review!My product is Streamplicity. It’s an Android-based tablet that connects to a home theater:
  • No more crowding around a tiny screen and wimpy speakers to watch Internet content
  • No more SmartTV interface with limited number of apps and surveillance mics
  • No more "casting", which toasts your phone battery and is subject to outages
  • No more connecting your PC to your home theater, which means no more popups and viruses
It puts more control in the user’s hands, for once. It has USB audio out and analog headphone out, has a microSD card slot, and you can install almost any app that the Google Play store offers.
Let me know if you’re interested, thanks!
Would it work for a stereo setup that uses streaming? I have a YouTube channel called, the audiophile barista. You can check out my system there and see if it would be suitable for your product.
Yes, it'll stream almost anything. I prefer it to "streaming" amps that only connect to 3 or 4 different services.