Whatever happened to . . . (Audio Reviewers)

1- Don Scott

2- Sam Tellig (Tom Gillet)

3- Corey Greenberg

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Here's some info on Greenberg...

See John Atkinson's post (7 down in the thread).


I thought Gilletpassed away 
I thought Gillet passed away

He resigned from the magazine on 12/31/2014 and I think he passed away not too long after that.

I would like to see Corey Greenburg writing again.  The guy was funny in a laugh out loud way.  He could apologize for his ethical lapses (taking money to do a positive review on an NBC show), promise to never do it again, and liven up the staid old world of audio journalism.
Sad to hear that Tom passed away. At one time I had some interaction with him, totally unrelated to audio stuff. 

Anyone know if Don Scott is still around? 
I,too, miss Corey. My Stereophile subscription started in 1993 to date.
I instantly connected with Corey's writing style and audio information being conveyed. I connected with Wes Philips (R.I.P.) as well.

Those magazine issues from the 1990's are pure Audiophile Gold.

Great! idea for a thread.

Happy Listening!