Need recommendations for cheap/good 10MHz Clock Genrator to plug into DDC, which feeds DAC

Hi All,

I was planning on buying one of the new well-rated Gustard DACs, either X18 or X26, then read reviews that said these, and other DACS sounded better being fed by a DDC.

I then read another post which mentioned excellent results with feeding the DDC with a 10MHZ Clock Generator, and then another post mentioning that it doesn't have to necessarily be an expensive clock generator.

I feel that if i'm going to go down the rabbit hole of a new DAC, I want to do it such that i will have the maximum chance of hearing a positive change in my system, and that means new associated cables, new DAC, new DDC, and new 10MHz clock generator.

If it turns out that a cheap 10MHz unit will be detriment to the system, then i will leave that component out.

Anyhow, please chime-in if you know of any good'n'cheap 10MHz clock generators!


@fai_v Hi, To be honest I’d forget about the clock and DDC/re-clocker at the moment. The Gustard X26 is about $1.5k. Consider moving up to the Musetec MH-DA005 which you should be able to get for $3k including shipping from Shenzhen Audio or the factory.

It’s a massive improvement on the Gustard and I’m reasonably sure you won’t feel the need to re-clock it because the USB input is handled by an Amanero Board, which is essentially a re-clocker.

Poster 1: I want to buy DAC A at $1500

Poster 2: You should buy a Musetec. It's only double your budget, but so what?

Poster 3: What do you guys think of Emm Labs and Mola Mola?

Poster 2: Forget about the high-priced junk. You should buy a Musetec. It's flawless and no other DAC can compete regardless of price.

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Poster 2: Nope, a Musetec is much better. They have a secret sauce that neither McDonalds nor any DAC maker (including the really expensive ones) can even dream of. 

Good lord! Musetec is fast becoming the Tekton of DACs 😁


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I hear no difference with the Gustard X26 Pro connected to a Denefrips Iris DDC via Coax vs a direct USB connection to the Raspberry Pi.  My Denefrips Pontus and Ares II do benefit from the Iris, the Ares II more than the Pontus.  

But I would be interested in learning more about cheap 10 Mhz Clocks.