Need pre for tube based amps

I am looking to spend about $1500 = or - $100 or so for a used preamp. I have a pair of Rogue Magnum monoblocks. Proac Studio 250 speakers. Vpi HW19 jr TT w/ Grado reference Sonata cartridge. Graham Slee Era Gold MkV phono pre.
I have used a Rogue Magnum 99 pre and a BC3 Despina with this system in the past. I like the sound to be rich and a little dark and slightly laid back. I don't like analytical or bright sound.
Any suggestions? The pre can be tubed or SS
If you don't need a remote consider an EAR834L - its just as you describe. Tonally it is very similar to the ARC SP10 I use in my main system. It only has three tubes - I have used one in a second system for about 4 years, tubes are long lived (I just changed them for the first time last month - I leave them on 24/7). The preamp is very quiet. You see them advertised used for 500 to 750 depending on model etc. Harry Pearson of TAS reviewed this a number of years ago & thought highly of it, for what ever that is worth.
The Klyne SK-5A solid-state preamp I use sells below your range, but even at $1500 it's still hard to beat. It's relatively rare and therefore neglected. Stan Klyne still repairs them although some parts may be unavailable. The phono section is really superb.