6922 not 6H30 Based CD Palyer

Now I am looking for my next CD player. What did I use before? Only two: BAT VK D5 and Resolution Audio CD55. For me the BAT VK D5 is very dynamic but lack of lyrical emotion factor; the Resolution Audio CD 55 has a congested soundstage which is insubstantial as I listen to large-scaled orchestra pieces (Bruckner and Mahler) quite often. Below are other associated equipments

Pre-Amplifier: Counterpoint SA11
Power Amplifier: Counterpoint NP-100 monoblocks
Speaker: Piega P-10
Interconnect Cable: Silver Audio Appassionata
Speaker Cable: Silver Audio Symphony 48 & Ensemble Megaflux

Room: 16 x 27 x 10
Music: Classical

I would like to have a player can generate more relax sound and handle large-scaled orchestra pieces and keep it below $3K for a used one.. SACD and DVD playback functions are not required.

Based on the above information, can you make your recommendation(s)?

Thanks in advance and happy listening.
Not to drift off topic, but reading the description you give I have to ask. Are you running the Counterpoint SA11 out of the buffer outputs or direct? Have the NP-100 mono blocks been updated?

Also, what output tubes are in the Counterpoint, particularly the final stage octals.
I just got a Cayin SCD-50T. It uses two 6922s and a 12au7. I am using some Soviet NOS 6922s and a Mullard long plate 12au7 (or Telefunken smooth plate). I like the Soviet tubes a bit more than Amperex PQ's in this piece. The stock EH tubes do not sound very good to me.

CD output is lovely, and SACD is unreal. I listened to the Heifitz/Reiner RCA Beethoven violin concerto. I have listened to that performance over several decades in many formats including excellent vinyl. But I have never heard the level of nuance that I hear on the SACD. You may find yourself scouring the web for cheap deals on SACD versions of you favorite recording. All of that without solid state edge and gain, but with excellent resolution.

Cayin built quality is beyond reproach - although I am not that crazy about the transport that they chose (Sony) for this piece. It has a rather high mechanical noise level. No doubt you can tweak caps if you feel the need.

Anyway, you can get one used for < $1000. It is worth a try.
Hi Albertporter,

I used direct output from SA-11 and CV1988 tubes for the fully upgraded NP-100.