Need new amp for Dali Ikon 6s

Hi Everyone.
My 22 year old NAD 906 just went on the fritz. I was thinking of replacing it anyway.

This is for my PC nearfield system. The Dalis are 6ohm w/ 91.5dB. Recommended power up to 150w but I know they will easily take 250w. Pre-amp is Parasound 2100.

I'm looking at:
> Parasound HCA-1500: 205w; used 9/10; about $500 incl ship on AGon

> Parasound HCA 1000A: 125w; demo; about $505 incl ship

> Aragon 2002: 200w; used 9/10; $525 incl ship on AGon

> NAD C272: 150w; dealer demo; $446 incl ship

> Outlaw 2200 M-Block: 200w mono; $674 pair; free ship direct from Outlaw / used 8/10 $568 pr incl ship on AGon

I'd like to pair a Parasound w/ my pre-amp, but its not that important. The Aragon is the darling of various reviews and forum comments. NAD is a workhorse, but don't know how the sound rates against the others. The Outlaw
monos seem like a great value.

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Among the ones you mentioned, Aragon is probably the best amp. Parasound tend to break down. Aragon sounds better than Nad.