Need longer cables, and tempted to go with used Audience AU24e. Thoughts?

I have been using an old set of original AU24 speaker cables with my Harbeths, but will need a longer run in a new house. There is a pair of used AU24e of the right length available, and Iā€™m tempted to go for them.

I have liked the older AU24, and wonder if any members can speak to the "upgrade" to the e version, and/or if anyone has some other suggestions in the ~500 to 800 range?

I am using a Hegel H160 integrated amp, Harbeth 30.1 speakers, and an old, but still very good Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP CD player.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks. jaybe ā€“ do you mean to suggest that the 24e is a big step up, or only the later versions?