Need in-wall speaker advice not expensive

Can anyone give me recomendiations for an in-wall speaker between $200 and $300 per speaker that actually sounds worth a damn?
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You should check out the HTD (Home Theater Direct) line, especially their high definition models. I haven't tried these myself, but am thinking about ordering a pair of the HTD-AL W80 for $160 per pair.

The HTD brand is not well known, but the performance to value ratio is supposedly incredible because it's an internet direct marketing firm. They offer a 30 day trial period, and since the cutout dimensions for their in-walls are pretty standard, you should be OK in case you need to return them.

I've used a pair of Polk Audio AB755 which are available for around $200 per pair (discontinued). These are fairly decent, but the AB855's are a step up if you can find any these days.

The older Niles Audio in-walls are also a great value. You can find the Niles HD800 for around $300 per pair now that Niles is pushing it's AT series at much hight price points. I like the HD800 a lot!

The BIC VI-38 goes for about $150 per pair and has received great reviews. I've not tried them myself, but they are worth checking into.

On the high end, the best of the best IMO are the B&W Signature 7 series (there have been a couple of different versions). These pups are full range and simply amazing!

You can't believe these are in-walls. Astonishingly good and worth the $1,200 per pair that they fetch. I'd love to know if anyone has compared the B&W Sig 7's to the Niles Audio AT8700 (top of line). If you are thinking about buying multiple pairs of anything in the $200-$300 range, IMO you would do better with one pair of Sig 7's for an awesome 2-channel experience.
Not to plug any particular seller, but a local dealer in the Bay area has some left over Definitive Tech. in wall speakers at great prices. They sound pretty descent for in-walls prices vary between 150-250 a pair. Most of which are dipoles and a center.

Look up bayareaaudio under seller and contact them. The speakers are new and about 50% off.

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If you are going to do some serious listening, plan on at least $300 per speaker ($600 Pair). The B&Ws are a good choice, but more money unless you find a great deal. Sonance makes some very nice speakers in that price range. See for details. Their range covers everything from affordable to very expensive. High quality product. If you just want to do some casual listening or background music, I picked up a pair of Audiosource 8" 2-ways on eBay for about $50-$60 a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised at how they sounded. Tell us more about what you want to do with these and you might get more specific responses. Good luck.
Just some companies to look into.

B&W as mentioned above.
Boston Acoustics makes some fairly inexpensive ones
Paradigm also makes some nice sounding ones that are pretty inexpensive.
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