Need help with Tube Test TV-3B/U

I am trying to test a 6922 tube. I looked up 6922 on the chart. It has the following setting
6922 6.3 EV7-6080 30 --- C P3 2500 Triode # 1 3200-124
6922 6.3 EV2-1030 30 --- C P3 2500 Triode # 2 3200-124

I set the following
Filament voltage 6.3
Filament E
Filament V
Grid 1
Plate 0
Screen 3
Cathode 8
Bias 30
Function tube test

Everything else was left alone. I turned on the unit and inserted tube 6922.
I pressed P1 (line adj) and adjusted meter to line test. When I press P3 the meter does not move. I think this is my problem. Maybe need to set something else?
Does anybody have the same tester and can run through my steps and figure out what is I am doing wrong? Also how do I test for a short? I know my tube is good.
I missed one setting. I need to add the GM scale is set to C 6000 Micromhos.
Here is a TV-3.The short test may be the same?[]
Thanks for the link to the manual. I was able to figure out how to test for a shorts. The problem seems to be my tube. I don't under stand because the tube came out of a working unit. I wonder if some units only use one triode in the tube. This was the first test in a couple of years since I have used the tester. I thought something was up with the tester.
I took another look at your settings and realized there is a typo,or cathode should be set at 0 instead of 8 I believe for second triode.
You are correct it is a typo. I used 0 not 8 for the cathode.