Need help with Record Cleaning using Disc Doctor

I purchased some of the Disc Doctor Miracle Record Cleaning solution and followed the instructions to detail - and revisited again, and again. My records sound like shit. Obviously there is a film of solution still present on the vinyl and the needle cannot correctly track with the record grooves. I have rinsed the vinyl again - this is all manual -and the results are the same. Any advice?

I don't have a vacuum cleaning machine so this is a manual process and I am letting the LPs dry verically in a dish rack. I rinsed them good and let sit overnight, didn't change the outcome.
Since you didn't go through your entire process, forgive me if I ask:
1. Do you sop up the excess DD fluid with lint-free toilet tissue before rinsing? The DD himself recommends Scott.
2. Do you use a separate brush to rinse, with distilled water?
3. Do you rinse your rinse brush after each record side? I have a two sectioned Tupperware container. One half has distilled water. I slide the face of the rinse brush across the divider to squeegee the fluid into the empty section, then drop into the other side which has the distilled water, press it to the bottom, and swish it around, then squeegee again.
4. After rinsing, do you also sop up the excess water before putting in the dishrack?

I've found the DD fluid and process to be excellent and cleans better than my VPI 17, though I do admit to using the VPI for most records because it is not as labor intensive, and I do use it to skip the dishrack drying.
If an LP doesn't turn out that good after a cleaning on the VPI, I resort to the good ol' DD.
Guster08, same problem here! I "cleaned?" five this a.m. and they still sound a little ticky, if not worse. I'm following the same instructions as you, even steaming with the 'perfection steamer'. The snap crackle and pop that I hear in the before-cleaning is softer, but I think the MUSIC is as well! Could be this "residue" you're talking about. Maybe, along with the instructions from Ncarv, we need to get the cleaning brushes from DD. Right now I'm using a small, round shoe-polishing brush with natural bristles, and I scrub a third of the record at a time in a back and forth method. Then I steam off the cleaner as well as I can until the water(purified)beads up on the record. I then do a once-around with a round yellow microfiber pad, that i think is used for car polishing, to sop up most of the water. I'm also thinking about buying the anti-static brush, as I think with all the scrubbing and wiping there is a static build-up. My zerostat gun is very old, and probably ineffective. Just trying to stave off the purchase of these expensive vacuum machines!
Good luck man
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