System Cleaning

I am curious how people clean and dust the floorspace surrounding their systems, especially in a small apartment with limited space between the wall and the back of the system. It seems impossible to do so without moving around the cables, which I'd prefer to avoid. Any good secrets?
I have carpet in my basement, and I vacuum VERY carefully around the system. In tight spaces, I pull out a small floor attachment, and that seems to do the trick. For wood floors and the rack and equipment itself, I use a Swiffer. Works very nicely.
Turn everything off when you clean around your system to avoid shorting anything!Happened to me ,lucky it just cost me a couple fuses in my poweramp to learn this!Also make sure you have not knocked any connections loose before you power back up,,,
Ditto the Swiffer. Gets into the small spaces without any chance of damage.
I also use those Lambs Wool dusters they seem to grab the dust really good between components. Another thing I do is the canned air and spray through the heat vents to stir up the dust and have the vacuum cleaner nozzel attachment sucking the airborne dust as it gets stirred up. The air can works good around the RCA plugs when I don't take the time to clean the connections. But that is a snow day event.